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You want your pet to live a long, full life, so it's important to have a Silver Spring veterinary clinic on call at all times. Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic is committed to our patients and their families. We offer a family practice mentality that gives our patients the individualized care and attention they need. Instead of relying on the same treatments and therapies for all pets, we offer a variety of progressive veterinary therapies that fit the diverse needs of each pet breed. Our Silver Spring veterinarians create a calm and welcoming environment that will put your pet at ease for each visit.

When visiting our Silver Spring vets, you'll be amazed at how intuitive we are to your pet's needs. We offer a full service menu that includes preventative care, treatment for sick and injured animals, in-hospital intensive treatments, dentistry and surgeries. Our Silver Spring veterinary clinic also focuses on specialized areas such as soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, as well as a gerontology program for our older patients. Everything that our vets in Silver Spring offer rely on the latest technology and progressive therapies.

If your pet is sick or injured, our veterinary clinic in Silver Spring MD will work with you to create a treatment plan that everyone will be happy with. When both you and your pet are on board, the recovery rate is more successful. You can expect our Silver Spring veterinarians to be caring and compassionate throughout your whole journey, while offering onsite clinical, laboratory and x-ray services that provide answers on the same day as your visit. Don't leave the health of your pet in anyone's hands but ours; visit Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic today.

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